Yeatss poetry is driven by a tension essay

Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with reference to both the themes and language found in the poetry of W. Yeats on your course.

Yeatss poetry is driven by a tension essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Yeats was an artist who was the first Irishman to win a Nobel Prize in Literature for what the Nobel committee described as: Here Yeats wishes to replace the dreariness of London with the idyllic world of Innisfree.

The poem opens with an almost hypnotically strong sense of determination: The fact that this line is also repeated depicts an overwhelmingly strong pull Yeats feels for Innisfree. Yeats entertains the thought of living in Innisfree by use of sensual imagery: This type of imagery is further explored in the highly sensual image: Perhaps the starkest contrast in this poem is between the different colours of each location.

Yeatss poetry is driven by a tension essay

The poem closes with somewhat of an epiphany as it becomes clear to Yeats that he will never actually get to live in this perfect place: He directly displays his contempt with his advancing age and yearns to conquer his own mortality by escaping the physical world and moving to the idyllic world of Byzantium where he can live forever as art.

Yeats firmly states that given the chance to leave this natural world, he will never return: The Swans in this poem symbolise eternity as they give the illusion of never aging.

The tone of this poem is disparaging which is expressed in the opening line with the word: He then goes on the state that they will take everything they can get their greedy hands on until there is nothing left: The direct contrast is further explored when he states: He goes on to say that felt he was surrounded by essentially clowns: This poem is a deeply felt personal response to a major public, political event.

Yeatss poetry is driven by a tension essay

As you can see, Yeats is not just a poet but in fact an artist with the ability to make his own thoughts relatable globally. The tension between what is natural and what he deems ideal has a strong grip on all of his poetry and can be seen throughout each poem.

More essays like this:Free Essay: ‘Yeats’s poetry is driven by a tension between the real world in which he lives and an ideal world that he imagines’ The poetry of Yeats gives a. Oct 12,  · erss book on "A Lover ' s Co m- Sir, - I was surprise d at the confi- Sir, - Sure ly James David son co mmen taries on the poetry of plaint " (Jul y 6), the late Haro ld dence with which James Davidson, didn 't mean to imply that all Czes law Milo sz.

American poetry — 20th century — History and criticism. But James thought that the key essay in Interpretations of Poetry and Religion was "The Poetry of Barbarism" and that it told another, deeper truth about Santayana's attitudes.

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but it is also a historical difference, one conditioned and driven by the difference, say, between. ‘Yeats’s poetry is driven by a tension between the real world in which he lives and an ideal world that he imagines’ The poetry of Yeats gives a deep, profound and though-provoking experience. His sweepingly broad thematic focus deals with issues that are timeless and universal.

In his essay on ‘The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry’, he cites Shelley’s deWnition: ‘Those who are subject to the state called reverie, feel as if their nature were resolved into the surrounding universe or as if the surrounding universe were resolved into their being’ (E & I 79–80).

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