Writing a response paper to poetry

The instructor posts specific questions each week during the first few weeks to give the students an indication of what they might pay attention to while reading. After the first few weeks, the instructor encourages the students to come up with their own topics for the responses. Included below is a list of general questions for those students who lack a specific topic for the week.

Writing a response paper to poetry

Organizing Your Reaction Paper

Response Paper Model A response paper, such as the one you'll write for your page assignment, should do for your reader a number of things. It should offer an interpretation of the poem's overall meaning; it should analyze the language, images, and rhythm or meter; it should evaluate its effectiveness on you as reader; and it should make clear what I call the "human" element.

This last element simply means what overall statement the poem is making about humans, or what it means to be human. One way of showing the human element is to show how the poem's ideas apply your your life and experiences.

Here's an overall checklist of strategies that will help you write critical papers: In literary criticism--which is what you're writing--the convention is to use the present tense throughout. The idea is that the poet is communicating thoughts to you in the present--so that's why the convention is to use the present tense.

Have you remembered to put the name of the poem in double-quotation marks? When referring later on in the poem, only use the author's last name. Did you include the slant to indicate the beginning of a new line when you write the lines in sentences within your paragraph?

Remember, when quoting 4 or more lines, indent them and copy them as separate lines the way the text does: Haste, therefore, each degree, To welcome destiny! You'll notice that I talk about the poem's content, giving my interpretation of it, in the first half of the essay.

In the second part of the essay I explore issues of stress and meter. I actually link English stress with important words at the end of the poem.

In short, I cover the poem's meaning and how it gets that across to the reader. I constantly refer to the poem, so that when I make a claim I also back it up with a word, phrase, or lines from the poem. She has been encouraging his advances to a certain point, but then when he gets too close, she backs off, and resists those same advances.

Evidently, this has been going on for quite some time, as Marvell now feels it necessary to broach the topic in this poem. He compares his love to a "vegetable," which means that it would not stray, but would grow "vaster than empires," and would do so more slowly ll.

He claims that he would happily spend a hundred years praising her eyes, and gazing at her forehead. When that is over, he would spend two hundred years on each breast, and spend "thirty thousand to the rest" l.

writing a response paper to poetry

These statements serve to support one of the major themes of the poem: He uses such grandiose statements to help his mistress understand that he truly cares for her enough to spend hundreds of years simply gazing at her.

However, this leads to a problem, as there is simply not the time available. This lets her know gently, but in no uncertain terms that time does have a way of marching on.Writing a Reaction or Response Essay: A reaction/response paper has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction should contain all the basic information in one or two paragraphs.

Sentence 1: This sentence should give the title, author, and publication you read. A response (or reaction) paper differs from the formal review primarily in that it is written in the first regardbouddhiste.com in more formal writing, the use of phrases like "I .

Prewriting: Response to Poetry Writing Prompts Choose your own work for your response, or use one of the following prompts.

Organizing and Writing Your Response Complete the graphic organizer below, and use it to help you write your first Response to Poetry: Score Point 4 Read the student model below.

Response Paper Assignment Example

With the Framework as a guide. Jun 25,  · response to literature writing for poetry. Writing a Response to Literature Essay for Poetry Elizabeth Morales. How to Read a Paper Efficiently. response paper about poetry The response paper is an exploratory and focused look at a particular reading assignment—in this a case any of the assigned poems of Robinson Jeffers—through the lens of .

• Choose a poem, read it aloud, and write down your first thoughts about it on a separate piece of paper. • Answer the questions in the chart to examine the elements of the poem.

Response Paper Model