Writing a book with openoffice writer

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Writing a book with openoffice writer

He was finishing up a new volume of short stories, Stories of an Awkward Size and was seeking permission to mention Apache OpenOffice in the book's colophon.

Since I know the topic of e-book production is of interest to many OpenOffice users, I asked Jon if he'd consent to an interview via email on this topic, to which he agreed.

I certainly learned a lot from Jon about what is involved in using OpenOffice and other open source tools together to produce an e-book. I hope you do as well!

writing a book with openoffice writer

Hi Jon, I read a little bit, to get a feel for your writing. I couldn't put down "Black Prince" once I started. The others seem to be getting very good responses, but Black Prince is the one that makes 'em jump up and down.

A little about the book, before we get started on the technical side. You describe the book as "Slipstream and Hard Science Fiction". Even as a casual science fiction reader I've heard of hard science fiction before, but what is "slipstream"?

This bears some discussion. I am going to write a small piece on it up on my GoodReads blogbut I don't know when, so please take the below as my views.

The 'unexpected', is most important in Slipstream. But, being modern, it has some important differences. It tries to be subtle, usually, and avoid things being 'epic'. No giant conspiracies, no huge space-faring or mine-dwelling empires, poised to take over the world or anything like that.


Instead, it often concentrates on the everyday, and things becoming very strange, or out of place. Of course it can be backed-up by anything you like: In traditional, ye-olde, Mystery fiction, the mystery is all-important and the characters and atmosphere are fleshed out as a by-product, if indeed they get fleshed out at all.

The same is true of older Detective or Thriller fiction. With Slipstream, the entire package, taken holistically, is the genre. A strange atmosphere is brewed - and not necessarily a dread one! Though it is a thriller, it concerns itself purely with news crews trawling a city for events, and no further!

Though it is a psychological character-study, it achieves all its aims by demonstration, not by dwelling or by inner monologues! And though it is just a series of events which don't start to shock you until later in the pieceby the careful unfolding of those events it manages to have atmosphere you can cut with a knife.

Several people commented that my story 'Black Prince' is, strictly speaking, a Slipstream tale, even though it is rooted in hard-SF. I'd like to think that is not only true, but true of all my stories, and hence the sub-title of my book.

Is this your first published book? Let's get into the nitty-gritty details of what tools you used for creating the book.My first book, on attracting women, was created using the regardbouddhiste.com Office Productivity Suite.I like OpenOffice because it's free, is community-supported, and has most of the features that I really need to get my job regardbouddhiste.com "Design a Book" teaches you the basic rules of book layout & design, and how to use those concepts with the free OpenOffice Writer software.

So whether you're using a PC or a Mac (or are considering a switch from PC to Mac), you can hit the ground running with the well-written guidance regardbouddhiste.com › Computing & Internet › Software & Graphics › Desktop Publishing.

Writing a book using regardbouddhiste.com Published by Graham on September 21, so I know what it's like to use regardbouddhiste.com Writer to create and edit a significant work with over 30 chapters, If you want to write a book using regardbouddhiste.com, here are my tips.

Writing and formatting a book correctly can be a tedious and often frustrating task. There are many programs aside from Microsoft Word that can be used to format a novel and they range from affordable to quite expensive.

OpenOffice is free open source software that you can use to write and format your book regardbouddhiste.com Use QT Writer for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book with embedded illustrations and tables of contents.

QT Writer is a complete and powerful software solution for creating and editing various types of regardbouddhiste.com://regardbouddhiste.com A Review of OpenOffice Writer lifewire com September 26th, - OpenOffice Writer is a popular free word processor don t think of yourself as a good writer you to create a book without writing a single word Glossary of Writing Terms and Phrases Word Mart for November 11th, - Glossary of Writing Terms and Phrases Word Mart regardbouddhiste.com

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