Westest 2 online writing assessment for middle school

Respond to this prompt on Edmodo Select a rubric you have used in the past. Examine the rubric in light of the PowerPoint. Is it a good rubric or a bad one?

Westest 2 online writing assessment for middle school

westest 2 online writing assessment for middle school

Choose a reading selection from the following discussed, or soon to be discussed, in class: Gender Blur by Deborah Blum, p. Basically your thesis should answer the question: Is the article convincing or not? A strong thesis statement will also hint at why you think so. Craft a strong opening that gets the readers attention, establishes your thesis statement whether or not the author does a good job arguing their ideas and points to how you will prove it using three elements of critical thinking.

Write one paragraph for each of three following elements of critical thinking that youve used to asses the reading selection: Craft strong topic sentences for each paragraph.

Develop your ideas with specifics from the reading examples, quotes, arguments etc. Create transitions that bridge your ideas within the paragraph and between the paragraphs.

Understanding Mathematics

Leave a final thought or idea for your conclusion that helps you transition into a summary statement of whether or not this article is strongly argued.

Show that you understand the authors limitations and make suggestions as to what may improve the argument. Please use complete sentences and proper paragraph structure throughout.

Edit your work for clarity and correct grammar. Select your words carefully and write with college level vocabulary. Dont use personal pronouns. Keep the tone moderately formal.

While you dont need a formal reference page or footnotes as yet, make sure to attribute ideas within the text using signal phrases such as, According to etc. Word-processed, single-spaced, point font, paragraph style, minimum 2 typed pages. Include a cover page your name, my name, class code, course name and time, and date.

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School Assessment, summative assessments in Mathematics, Reading, Science, Science, and Writing that recently transitioned to become available online in addition to paper/pencil testing, and the Pennsylvania Classroom Diagnostic Tools, a set of West Virginia WESTEST 2—– Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations—– Just a few short months after implementing the online differentiated reading program, the K-8 school saw significant jumps in standardized testing scores despite the fact that it was their students’ first year taking the Smarter Balanced assessment.

“Achieve is the program we introduced that had a significant impact on student.

westest 2 online writing assessment for middle school

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and 5 th grade, the middle 50% of students is expected to . UFMFK Engineering Mathematics 2 View Online | Further Reading Mathematics for engineers and Administering the WESTEST 2 Online Writing Assessment A Session of WESTEST 2 Reading/Language Arts.

Middle School Writing Practice Test