The challenges of modern family counseling

A Spiritual Program of Recovery Faculty: Ann-Marie Neale Profile Premise: The primary purpose of this e-course is to familiarize students with the principles and methods of Alcoholics Anonymous AA so that they can give accurate information to those they serve.

The challenges of modern family counseling

Balance of work and family Materialism What are we to make of this list?

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Immediately, we are struck by the superficiality of responses. How does this not amount to shifting the blame for failing Christian marriages to the surrounding culture and the favorite enemy, the media?


What does it mean for divorce to be 2? And are our marriages failing merely because we are too busy 3 or struggle to balance work and family demands 9?

This again seems to be to confuse a surface matter with deeper, underlying issues. Also, to be sure, all of us face financial pressures.

The challenges of modern family counseling

We hardly need a survey to know this. The same can be said regarding 7, lack of communication. As Christians, are we really saying that one of the main needs of Christian marriages is to improve spousal patterns of communication? Is this not what non-Christian counselors are saying as well? How, then, are we different in our prescriptions for failing marriages than the world at large?

Should we not be different?

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The root cause lies somewhere else, and so the remedy must start at this deeper point as well. The same is true for materialism, which is undoubtedly a problem for marriages, but only symptomatic of deeper issues.

What are the root causes? What is lacking is the right kind of resources, plus the recognition that marriage and family are at the heart a divine institution that is the target of intense spiritual warfare. For this reason good intentions or superficial remedies are not good enough.

I believe that what we will find is that once the root issue is addressed, these other issues will be reduced to mere gnats yapping at our heels.But any challenges pale in comparison to the fact that, as it stands now, these twin girls' lives and futures hang by a thread, being hashed out by court briefings, legal technicalities, and in some respects, the courtroom of public opinion.

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