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A place for taxation and accounting professionals to discuss their trade IRS notice post dated Sep 5: I seem to recall getting another one that was dated after present date.

Is this something new or is this an error? Anyone else get notices like this? I also wondered why, but didn't care enough to follow up. But when the letter says something like "reply within 60 days from the date of this notice", then you have more time!!

Yours seems more than normal. They are mostly computer generated and they print ahead of time to allow for processing and mail delivery time.

Post dated letter

I guess they underestimate how quickly they get to the TP. Eleven minus 4 equals 7. I think they are just allowing for mailing time and weekends like CK and smtcpa said. Auditor said to wait and pay with the notice when it arrives.

All of the notices specifically say "this wasn't an audit, your return may be examined in the future They are the audit adjustments so I instruct the client to pay them on the 13th. Client mails off the checks on the 16th 5 business days after the date of the first notice.

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The client receives a notice of intent to levy 4 of them, 1 for each year, certified and is in a panic. That's not much time.

I called the IRS and they confirmed the payments had cleared. I casually mentioned that my client panicked because the IRS threatened to levy so fast, and asked if I had missed an earlier payment request.

The IRS chews me out saying a client should pay their audit results immediately as there is no question on the amount due.


To which I responded, I understand that, but 1 we paid within 5 days and 2 the notices said they weren't because of an audit. She told me to take it up with Congress and began to rant.

I said listen, I'm not mad at you, I'm not mad at all well I was getting that wayI've just never seen anything like this in 19 years. Her reply - get used to it. I wrote her name and ID number down.

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If I ever have any future cases and she picks up the phone I'm hanging up and calling back with hopes of getting someone else. I love bolding that date in the notice just to make sure it's easily seen by the client and the IRS. At the time I was dealing with more 's so I was grateful for the few additional days.Services Selection Board Sehkari Bhawan, Rail Head, Jammu Services Selection Board Zum Zum Building, Ram Bagh, Srinagar Post dated outgoing payment through cheque Dear Experts we have a scenario of post dated outgoing payment to vendors, whereby we issue the postdated or current dated cheque to the vendor and inturn the vendor deposits the cheq in bank after some time and later when the cheq is encashed, we want to hit the bank a/c and untill then it should be.

by RS Bailey In , just as President Obama was taking office, nine scientists and physicians working at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent him a letter, openly stating and giving exampl. The number and letter before the dash in the code stand for the date.

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The number indicates the last figure in the date and the letter indicates the decade. The letters and figures after the dash pertain to the printing process used and the number of issues that year.

February 16, A Message to Our Customers. The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step . Jan 15,  · I have a letter that I need to send off; however, I need for it to be (what I believe is called) post-dated - I need it marked for a date earlier than when I am mailing Resolved.

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