Optimistic decision maker

May 18, Kumaraswamy, Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala abandoned both propriety and common sense, acting in a politically partisan manner unbecoming of his office. Kumaraswamy was elected leader of the Janata Dal Secular Legislature Party and, with the declared support of the Congress, had the backing of a majority in the newly elected Assembly.

Optimistic decision maker

The Governor has banked not so much on the count the BJP had, as on what it could engineer

Podcast The fall and fall of rupee: They extrapolate past growth and performance to the future. So, they are willing to accept higher leverage in projects, and less promoter equity.

Citing an example, he said, "one promoter told me about how he was pursued then by banks waving chequebooks, asking him to name the amount he wanted". This is the historic phenomenon of irrational exuberance, common across countries at such a phase in the cycle, he said.

Unfortunately, he said, that growth does not always take place as expected and the years of strong global growth before the global financial crisis were followed by a slowdown, which extended even to India, showing how much more integrated the country had become with the world.

Strong demand projections for various projects were shown to be increasingly unrealistic as domestic demand slowed down, he said.

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He also pointed to loss of promoter and banker interest for rise in NPAs. Over malfeasance and corruption in the NPA problem, he said, "Undoubtedly, there was some, but it is hard to tell banker exuberance, incompetence, and corruption apart". Parliamentary Note by Moneycontrol News on Scribd "Clearly, bankers were overconfident and probably did too little due diligence for some of these loans.

Such outsourcing of analysis is a weakness in the system, and multiplies the possibilities for undue influence," the note said.

On steps required to prevent recurrence rising non-performing assets NPAsRajan suggested that there is a need for improving governance of public sector banks and process of project evaluation and monitoring to lower the risk of project NPAs.

Besides, he also made a case for strengthening the recovery process and distance public sector banks from the government.

Optimistic decision maker

First Published on Sep 11, –A compromise between an optimistic and pessimistic decision •A coefficient of realism,, is selected by the decision maker to indicate optimism or pessimism about the future. An optimistic decision maker select the alternative which has the maximum similarity to the favourable solution, while a pessimistic decision maker tends to select the alternative with minimum similarity to the unfavourable solution (Chen, ).

In decision theory, the optimistic (aggressive) decision making rule under conditions of regardbouddhiste.com states that the decision maker should select the course of action whose best (maximum) gain is better than the best gain of all other courses of action possible in given circumstances.

Optimistic decision maker

See also maximin criterion. Introduction and Summary "Somewhere along the line of development we discover what we really are, and then we make our real decision for which we are responsible.

the optimal optimistic decision. Our approach is based on the moral graph associated with the result of merging the networks representing the agent's beliefs and preferences. Makers: The New Industrial Revolution [Chris Anderson] on regardbouddhiste.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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