North and south differences essay

These points will then be criticised with reference to other sources of information on regional differences within the UK. Before delving into the intricacies of the question, it is important to clarify what is actually meant by the concept of the North-South divide, and where it originates. Firstly, it is important to note the fact that there has almost always been a divide through the country. It is well documented that through the 19th century, leading up to the outbreak of the First World War, that the North was considered the more dynamic and prosperous region of Britain.

North and south differences essay

North and South Korea: Almost 70 years on, how different are North and South Korea? Ka-yeon fled the crippling poverty of her home nation for a better life in South Korea.

North and south differences essay

But now she feels caught between two worlds. Despite many similarities, the two sides of the Korean peninsula are poles apart. A little history - how the split happened In the last days of World War Two, when it became clear Japan would surrender to the Allied powers, the question of what would happen to Korea became louder than ever.

After decades of occupying the Korean peninsula, Japan had retreated. The plan was to hand back control to the Koreans and withdraw, and in several attempts were made at getting the nations to vote for reunification. But the distrust engendered by a few years of opposing ideologies had grown too deep.

What started as an almost "accidental division" gave rise to one of the most hostile and heavily militarized borders in the world, and split one people in two. More than six decades on, some of those connections are starting to fade. Still, there are more than 70, people waiting to take part in government-backed family reunions.

The reclusive country argues human rights exist for the good of the state and say the rights of the individual could never replace the rights of the collective. People also have a skewed view of western culture - hamburgers were invented by Kim Jong Il in The UN estimates that more than a quarter of children under five show signs of chronic malnutrition.

But those hopes were soon dashed as Kim continued the restrictive policies of his father. The best future for many would be a reunited Korea. Aaron Tilton Human rights, personal liberty and falling out with the West Nowadays, North Korea is a Stalinist state and keeps between 80, andstate prisonersmost of whom are held for political, not criminal, offenses.

Its nuclear programme is also a concern for South Korea and western nations. The border that separates both countries is said to be one of the most dangerous and heavily militarized in the world Life in South Korea is fuelled by an unashamedly loud and proud style of capitalism.

The country is also officially a constitutional democracy. However, it does have its own political prisoners. But South Korea ranks as far less corrupt than its northern neighbour. Due to the poor diet of North Koreans, people there tend to be smaller than South Koreans.

This is most visible among school children. It may come as a surprise for some that both countries have severe problems with suicide. In South Korea, weddings are momentous occasions: They have food, clothing, a home and still kill themselves!

K-pop, rice cakes and banned mini skirts North and South Koreans enjoy many of the same types of food, as recipes were passed on from generation to generation long before the divide.

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For instance, Dduk ricecake and Yeot a type of confectionary are eaten by all students before exams and are said to bring them luck. Cultural celebrations are similarly deeply ingrained in Korean society on both sides of the border.

Parents are also served food by their children and addressed with polite titles, regardless of where they live in Korea.

North and south differences essay

But cultural differences now clearly outweigh the similarities. Things look similarly polarised on the fashion front. North Koreans refrain from experimenting because the government strictly bans skinny jeans, mini skirts and even particular hairstyles, while their southern neighbours are free to don whatever outfit takes their fancy.

From daring mini skirts to something borrowed, something blue:From the Paper: "In the decades before the outbreak of the Civil War in the North and South grew apart in a number of ways. Political, social, economic, and cultural differences between the two regions combined to trigger the epic struggle between the Union and the Confederacy that left hundreds of thousands dead, the South devastated, and American life changed forever.

The blues found its roots in the rural South, but in the North the blues form remained but the words mirrored the urban condition. A new church music called gospel music was formed in the North which incorporated into black church music the sounds of jazz and the blues.

The South’s lands were flatter than the North’s, making it a more ideal place for farming. The Northern and Southern population was very different. The Northern population between the years and increased massively. Graded Assignment Comparing, Contrasting, Predicting Write a well-organized essay comparing the North and the South and predicting what you think will happen in the West.

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North and South Essays, North and South PAPERS, Courseworks, North and South Term Papers, North and South Research Papers and unique North and South papers from North vs. South Contrasting Essay During the 's there were many differences between the north and the south in the United States.

The geography, climate, ways of transportation, economy, population, and culture were among some of the differences. A big difference between the north and south was the geography and climate.

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