Musco food uses it to improve sales and operations

But what should you track? Most POS systems offer hundreds of report options, but a few key numbers will give you all the information you need. A good measure of popularity, but how do you count them if there's a crowd wating for take-away food?

Musco food uses it to improve sales and operations

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Using Technology to Maximize Efficiency -

Based in the Washington, D. In a perfect world, you would have an unlimited budget to market your business in order to find new customers and increase sales.

You could buy lots of online and offline advertising, run promotions to build traffic in store and online, and launch a proactive public relations campaign to increase your product or brand's visibility and awareness.

But this isn't a perfect world. Realistically, most small businesses and even many mid-sized firms have more great ideas on how to peddle their wares than available resources. So where do you start if you are looking for more customers? Learning to generate new sales leads is an essential skill for an entrepreneur.

Even if you don't consider yourself a salesperson in the classic sense of the Willy Loman character from Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman, you need to understand that the possibilities for finding new customers range from cold calling names from the phone book to buying lists of potential customers to using newer Internet techniques like search engine optimization to drive new business to your website.

Understand Your Target Audience Before you can find new customers and increase sales, you need to understand who your customer is, what value proposition you offer to customers, and what your competition is currently offering in the market and where there are gaps for a new entrant.

In other words, you need to do some market research -- whether that means hiring an outside firm to do the legwork or trying to do it yourself.

There's an underlying disconnect between your motivation to increase sales and your customer's motivation to solve their problems. Find Out Who Your Current Customers Are In order to develop a marketing plan to reach new customers, you need to better understand who you're already selling to.

What are their demographics? What do they look like?

Musco food uses it to improve sales and operations

It can be done very quickly and inexpensively by sending surveys to your existing customers using one of the many online survey tools, such as SurveyMonkey or Zoomerang.

You can also get to know the target audience by looking at existing sources of information -- from the U. Census Bureau or other government agencies, from trade associations, or from third-party research firms. But depending on the questions you are trying to answer and your research budget, your market research can involve more extensive interviews with customers and qualitative studies on how target customers feel about your business, its products and services.

Certain products and services may appeal to one audience but not to another, so understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your target market is critical. You can get to know your customers and segment the market any number of ways including by: Demographics -- statistical data on a population including income levels, age, etc.

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Psychographics -- the attitudes and tastes of a certain demographic. Ethnographics -- examination of particular cultures. Buying habits -- how, what and where customers purchase products and services. Defining the Market for Your Product Use the information about your existing customers to develop a target audience for your business in its drive to win new customers and increase sales.

Determine which key messages, features and benefits matter to each potential market.

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Tell these customers how your business can help them solve their problems. Generating Sales Leads There are a variety of age-old staple techniques and newer tools you can use to find new customers and increase sales.

It's best to understand the range of choices you have in order to determine which may best help your business reach new customers. Newspaper readers may not be moved by Internet-based sales techniques. Similarly, business people who are accustomed with hiring only people they know may be better swayed by meeting you at a chamber of commerce meeting than accepting a blind invitation to connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

But if sales people are really important, you need to hire and motivate good people and you want to give them an upside, such as sales on commission. The motivation is not just money it's also helping them overcome the fear of prospecting. This is telemarketing without the call center.working in operations for Aman Resorts, she plans to use her educationand experience in the management and design of small resort food and beverage outlets ([email protected]).

A properly designed menu can help any restaurant — whether it be a fine-dining, casual-theme, fast-casual concept, or fast-food — achieve its sales goals, keep its costs in line, increase its speed of preparation and service, and return a desired average check.

It is wise to increase marketing efforts during slower sales periods because there is more competition and fewer consumer dollars. Consider newspaper ads, magazines, specialty publications and other forms of marketing. The To-Increase website may contain links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by To-Increase.

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Key Impact Sales & Systems Manufacturers (46) The Global Language of Business. USDA Use of GS1 Data December Improve the flow of food product information from US manufacturers and processors to schools and other US Government supported food procurement groups.

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