Monoclonal antibody industry analysis 2013 2017

Both chemical and physical stability must be considered. Chemical stability is related to the rates of chemical modification to a protein molecule such as deamidation of aspargine residues and oxidation of methionine residues 1, 2. Particularly important to control if they affect biological function, those modifications could also lead to changes in conformation or half-life of an antibody 3—6. Physical stability refers to the conformational and colloidal stability of a protein.

Monoclonal antibody industry analysis 2013 2017

Stimulating the Power of Diversity. Diversity and Function matters The MAB Discovery platform relies on the broad natural immune response and antibody maturation of wild type rabbits combined with B cell cloning. By doing so, we generate a plethora of therapeutic monoclonal antibody candidates which cover various target epitopes, show diverse functional properties and have high affinities requiring no further optimization.

It is this diversity generation that we are striving for. And this is enabled by our proprietary, high-performance technology platform.

Our Partners About Us. We are a Team of extremely talented and energetic People, who are passionate about pursuing each new Project.

MAB Discovery GmbH based in Munich, was founded in and started operations in with experienced pharma scientists with a proven track record in drug development.

MAB Discovery complies with the highest industrial standards of big pharma, but operates with the flexibility, speed and innovative spirit of a young biotech. Stephan was a member of the global regulatory strategy committee for Biologics and the global task force for biosimilars.

As Senior Vice President, Stephan led the Biologics research organization and developed the global strategy for Roche Biologicals with a focus on innovation and new technologies.

Krell was responsible for the development of high through put assays and screening of new diagnostic and biotechnological enzymes, natural compounds and low molecular weight compounds. More recently, Hans has focused on the discovery and characterization of novel therapeutic antibodies, employing innovative biochemical and cell based screens.

In addition, Hans has been actively involved in global project management. Hans co- authored more than 40 patent applications and 60 publications. Hans holds a PhD from Freiburg University in biochemistry.

Philosophy Rabbit immune system is an unrivaled system for generating antibody diversity Rabbit antibodies are known for their excellent affinities and specificities; even generating antibodies to unique epitopes. The explanation for these attributes and the broad diversity of antibodies are the mechanisms employed by the rabbit immune system [read more].

Large diversity requires high throughput technologies In order to yield the most diverse repertoire of target specific rabbit antibodies, and to allow for a fast identification of the monoclonal antibody with the best functional profile, as many of the IgG expressing B-cell clones as possible are selected and screened in an automated process.

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The secreted monoclonal antibodies can be functionally tested in high throughput assays. Sequence diversity After sequencing thousands of target-specific antibody genes, it is remarkable that we have never isolated the same sequence from different rabbits immunized with the same immunogen.

This supports the assumption that gene conversion produces individual rabbits with a unique gene repertoire for antibodies. Also, the sequence redundancy rate in one individual animal is very low.

This is the result of the empirically optimized immunization and sampling protocol. We can guarantee novel sequences from each campaign, a solid basis for IP [read more]. Fc isotype diversity Function, efficacy and safety profile of therapeutic antibodies can be highly dependent on the antibody isotypes and Fc modifications.

Unique antibodies with diverse functionality Altogether, the above-mentioned factors and procedures result in sets of functional antibodies with unique and diverse functional profiles [read more]. Wild-type rabbits create very potent antibodies with pM affinities already in an early phase of the immune response.

Affinity maturation is not required to isolate potent molecules. Activity screens are possible in B-cell supernatants, including screening for Fc function and cell binding assays. Each rabbit is unique and will create novel antibodies.

The large number of obtainable leads enables direct humanization and selection for CMC related quality criteria which results in a minimal modality risk for development.

In silico analysis of manufacturability as an intrinsic part of lead selection after humanization. Transient recombinant expression selects for well producible molecules.

Selected fully humanized MABD antibodies have good drug-like characteristics. Immunization MAB Discovery delivers high quality, functional monoclonal antibodies via sophisticated, high-throughput selection of B cells generated by immunization.

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The immunogen can be a full-length recombinant or partially purified protein preparation, as well as whole cells, DNA or peptide conjugates.

The MAB Discovery approach always delivers a vast number of high quality candidates with regard to potency and epitope coverage.The recent market study published by Future Market Insights – “Antibodies Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment –” consists of a comprehensive assessment of the most important market dynamics.

The report provides historical analysis of antibody-based therapeutics for the period and the forecast. AXON Neuroscience SE is a biotech company dedicated to the development of disease modifying immunotherapy and early diagnostics for Alzheimer's disease.

Recombinant protein manufacturing with Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells represents over 70% of the entire biopharmaceutical industry (1).In fact, human monoclonal antibodies (hMAbs) produced by CHO cells have played a major role in both the diagnostic and therapeutic markets for decades.

Detection of His Tag by Western Blot.

Monoclonal antibody industry analysis 2013 2017

Western blot shows lysates of HEK human embryonic kidney cell line either non-transfected or transfected with His-tagged human CIQ4 and human MYCOC and CHO Chinese hamster ovary cell line transfected with His-tagged human BAI Trastuzumab, sold under the brand name Herceptin among others, is a monoclonal antibody used to treat breast cancer.

Specifically it is used for breast cancer that is HER2 receptor positive. It may be used by itself or together with other chemotherapy medication.

Monoclonal antibody industry analysis 2013 2017

Trastuzumab is given by slow injection into a vein and injection just under the skin.. Common side effects include fever, infection. When patenting antibodies, an antibody broadly claimed by function may be considered obvious if any one method of achieving any single embodiment would have caused a person of ordinary skill to.

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