Management in the movies

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Management in the movies

Personalize For each title in your collection you can add personal data such as rating, purchase date and price, notes, tags, local trailer and much more. In the personal data you can also register if you loan your movie to a friend, and when you expect it back, thereby you always know where your movies are at.

Beside from the standard groups your movies are divided into, you can create custom groups to assign your titles to.

Management in the movies

My Movies is suited for families, and therefore it offers a password protected parental control according to the rating standards. You can choose to activate the parental control to prompt for password when you open the Collection Management, to ensure that your children will not be exposed to content not suited for their age.

To use My Movies products you need an account that will follow you through all the applications, allowing you to switch between different clients and thereby have access to your collection at all times, even if you are on the road. When your collection is synchronized, it will automatically be synchronized to the other clients.

Mobile Clients No need for a remote control, for easy browsing the My Movies mobile clients offers a fully functioning remote control for Windows Media Center and Dune players. Instead of bringing all your movies over to your computer and adding them by typing in the title or the barcode, you can just bring your mobile device to your movie shelf and add your entire collection quickly by using the batch scanning function in these devices.

During the copy process your disc will automatically be identified through our online service, and the disc will be added to your collection with high quality metadata. Share Your Collection Your collection is available in an online version, which you can access from anywhere, or share the link for others to see what is in your collection.

If you wish your online collection to be private or only accessible to a few, you can protect it with a password. The online version of your collection can be configured to only show certain groups, allowing you for instance to make a wish or sales list. You can also create a PDF with a list of your collection that you can share with others or keep as documentation of your collection.

Contribute to the Online Data Service If you have a title that is not in our database or you find incorrect data you can contribute with the new data, and thereby earn contribution points which unlocks extended features in the My Movies product suite.

Read more about contribution points here. All contributions are tracked and you can view all contributions made on a title. When you contribute a cover image you can use the image editor in the program to ensure that the cover follows our contribution guidelines.

Use the Collection Management to create and manage your collection, and use My Movies for Windows Media Center to easily browse and access your collection. If your titles are stored you can start playback directly from the Media Center, and you can even skip the intro and trailers of the title and go directly to the beginning of the movie.

The Collection Management offers a variety of option settings for My Movies for Windows Media Center, allowing you to customize the interface and settings to your liking. If you prefer a different player than the internal one in Windows Media Center, you can configure which movie types should be played with a select number of external players, where more players can be configured by the expert user.

Professional Installation If you would like what the My Movies product suite offers in an integrated solution, we recommend purchasing a pre-built product from one of our professional integrators. The integrators offer My Movies as a default integration in their products, or as an add-on option when purchasing.

Typically, the integrator offer a full product package revolving around home theaters. Visit our integrator site to see an updated list of integrators and contact information of these. Product Pricing The basic functionalities of our Windows products are free to use, and only requires a user account.

To get extended features to enhance the movie experience you can purchase points, or contribute title data to earn contribution points, that open up for the features described above. View the feature table to see how many points the individual features requires.Engineering Project Planning and Management, Part 4.

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