How to write a welcome email to a new client checklist

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How to write a welcome email to a new client checklist

Should I write test cases in agile testing? Do you come across this question a lot? Well, I come across this question quite often.

And by the end, they have a hundred things to pick up and the entire focus is on testing. As you have only a few new requirements each sprint, and agile focuses on continuous testing, you end up having lesser documentation.

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In traditional way of testing, you often end up having a lot of test cases. Now, you can continue making your life messy in agile too because there is no one stopping you from doing that. One approach that worked wonders for one project might lead to a complete disaster for you. The ideas I have listed above works if you have a rapid development environment and you have a team who trust their testing team and believe in what they do.

Softwares used by doctors and medical professionals cannot go wrong.

10 Tips to Write An FAQ That Gets Customers "Off The Fence" & Grows Sales

Because you will be running the same test cases over and over, you will get the value for money and effort invested. So there you have it.

I hope I was able to throw some light on this topic and to help you find an answer to the question whether you should write test cases in agile testing or not.

I would like to know what approach you take — so drop in your comments below. Did you like this post?

how to write a welcome email to a new client checklist

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10 Tips to Write An FAQ That Gets Customers “Off The Fence” & Grows Sales