Following the crowd

Dare to be different and stop being average. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.

Following the crowd

The silent superstar Figure skaters typically toil in obscurity, leaping into the spotlight every four years. Hanyu, 23, is no ordinary figure skater.

Following the crowd can be a lot of things. It can be your excuse for laziness, it can be your way of pleasing other people, or it can be your idea of being normal. Whatever the reason is, it’s important for you to realize that choosing your own path and walking on it alone is not a bad thing. These two examples illustrate something that we humans don't like to admit about ourselves: We follow the pack. Like birds in a flock or sheep in a pasture, we follow -- sometimes at our own peril. Herd mentality, mob mentality and pack mentality, also lesser known as gang mentality, describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis. Social psychologists study the related topics of group intelligence, crowd wisdom, and decentralized decision making.

He's a rock star, worshipped by fans who follow him around the world. At the Pyeongchang Olympics, fans waited in line to take pictures with a Hanyu impersonator and threw Pooh toys onto the ice by the armful after Hanyu skated.

He is known for carrying a Winnie the Pooh tissue box to competitions, supposedly because he finds the bear's steady gaze comforting.

Tips for Feeding a Large Crowd

He can sell out an ice show in minutes, even if he's not performing, just by attaching his name to it. Hanyu fans hold a banner after his gold-medal victory in South Korea.

The first event was a three-day ice show in Tokyo the weekend before. He wasn't scheduled to skate, nursing a right ankle injury, but over 10, fans still came to see him; he rewarded their faith with a surprise appearance on ice.

Following the crowd

Waiting outside the arena that day was a mass of middle-aged women twice Hanyu's age, mothers and grandmothers who quietly nibbled rice balls and patiently waited for the doors to open.

A woman in a red sweater caught my eye. Her phone case was adorned with photos of Hanyu. She has a case custom-made every time she goes to see him; this is No. I asked whether Hanyu is her dream son or son-in-law. She paused, then shook her head vigorously.

Following the crowd

I thought that I'd offended her. With his floppy hair and flawless skin, his fierce on-ice persona melts into the sweetest of dimpled smiles off the ice.

Meals to Feed to a Large Crowd

He seems larger-than-life and childish at the same time, powerful and vulnerable. Online, his fans of all ages show their love through drawings, fan fictions and minutely detailed analyses of his every move. One even made a wedding dress inspired by one of his skating outfits.

But middle-aged women tend to dominate his live events; they travel all over the world to see him. In fact, travel agencies offer packages for Hanyu performances.

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Watch trailers & learn more. Synonyms for follow the crowd at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for follow the crowd. Following the crowd will cause you to be mediocre, living a life of self-betrayal, and resigned to an average life.

If you do what the majority of people do you will get what the majority get. May these quotes inspire you to break away from the crowd and live the life of your dreams.

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