Flight school business plan pdf

The ground school module in combination with flight training gives students a thorough perspective of airspace and how to share it responsibly. There are many moving parts including a new regulatory environment. As you continue to read on, education is paramount to becoming certified. Airspace Students learn how to read aeronautical charts to identify airspace classifications, obstructions, restricted airspace, controlled airspace, and other information applicable to UAS operations.

Flight school business plan pdf

Or you need a sample flight school business plan template?

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Itinerary Template – 15+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Documents Download | Free & Premium Templates We are very proud of our department and our graduates. Established inthe Aerospace Department is now a signature department at MTSU and has grown into one of the most respected aerospace programs in the nation.
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25 Of The Most Successful Business Ideas In South Africa Valuable flight training is based on one-on-one instruction.

If YES, then i advice you read on. If you asked an average person whose dream is to become a pilot, chances are that he or she is fascinated at the way airplanes moved up in the sky before the ambition came about. The use of flights as a means of transportation has existed flight school business plan pdf centuries and people have continued to find it one of the quickest ways to move around.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people eager to learn how to fly airplanes. Perhaps this might be because of the relatively low cost of smaller bodied planes. Pilots who are already in the line of business do all they can to see that they train people for fees.

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Therefore, if you are a licensed pilot, you can take advantage of this demand and make good money by starting a flight school.

A flight school exists to train people. There are three categories of people that may have a need to attend a flight school are. They are the wealthy people who wish to learn how to fly planes just for fun, persons who just bought new planes and finally, people who are training to acquire a pilot license.

One other thing to note is that running a flight school does not come cheap, but you are sure to receive returns on investments ROI in a short while.

flight school business plan pdf

Now let us see how you may possible start a flight school soon. Draw a Definite Business Plan By a definite business plan, I mean a business plan that covers all the details of how the flight school will operate. For instance; it should cover the following details like; will the school buy their own personal airplanes or will they lease from others?

What will be the cost of setting up the school, putting every single expense into consideration? Which State will the business be located? How many students will you take at a time? Also, remember to set business goals and work out plan on how to achieve it.

For instance; you can say, in the next 2 years after start up, I want my flight school to be able to take in 30 students. That will mean, you have to make plans to expand your school within that period to accommodate the 30 persons.

Apply and Get all Your Licenses To operate a flight school, there are some licenses you are required by the State to have. For instance; you need to apply for a business permit or license from the Town County or any other agency approved by the Government to issue business license.

The category of students your school will take in, will determine the school curriculum. For instance; the FAA stipulated that persons applying for a Private pilot license should have completed 35 to 40 hours of flight school training, while persons applying for a commercial pilot license are expected to have completed to hours of flight school.

You have to choose whether to take in only students for private certification or both private and commercial and develop your school curriculum accordingly. Your flight school also has to be accredited by any of the agencies operating under the U.

S Department of Education. Locate any of the agencies in your State and start the accreditation process. Get a Space for your School The next step is to lease a space that will serve as the location for your flight school.

You will need a large or extended space for this to contain all the airplanes that will be used by your school.

flight school business plan pdf

The space must be large enough for moving around. If you can purchase property, fine and okay, if not, then you have to make a long term lease arrangement.

There are two options here, you can either rent your airplane, which is cheaper option but expensive in the long run or you can purchase your own airplanes.

Hire Employees You will need to hire employees that will work together with you to make your flight school a success. Some basic employees your need to hire are; Instructors, advanced Engineers to handle maintenance of the aircrafts.

Your Instructors should all be certified with a pilot license. In conclusion, the number of students that you can admit into your school depends on the number of flights available to handle the training sessions and also the number of certified instructors available in your school.Wits Business School; SA Entrepreneur Takes First-Of-Its Kind Business To An International Level.

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National Drone School Offers the Best UAV Flight Training Programs Available. We start with the basics on beginner UAVs move to Intermediate and finally the more advanced models. You will learn by watching video lessons from our trained instructors.

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