Distinguished colleagues

News and Information Individuals who have made important contributions to the University of Washington community were honored Thursday, June 13, at the annual Awards of Excellence ceremony. Below are the remarks delivered by President Michael Young and Gerald Baldasty, senior vice provost for academic and student affairs, at the ceremony.

Distinguished colleagues

The line got hearty applause—but it also cut to the core of one of the defining Distinguished colleagues of attacks against the former first lady and Democratic presidential frontrunner.

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Welcome to UCI MIND Cathepsin Zymography[ edit ] Zymography is a type of gel electrophoresis that uses a polyacrylamide gel co-polymerized with a substrate in order to detect enzyme activity.
People | UBC Emotion & Self Lab And hats off to faculty advisors Alyson Brooks and Matt Buckley. These findings could open the door to novel graphene-based electronic building blocks.

After nearly forty years in public life, what exactly has she accomplished? You run the best race you can run, you hand off the baton. Which legislative or policy triumph from her many years in office will be most important on the campaign trail?

You be the judge. Professionally, how about these three? Her China speech on women. Her role in killing Osama bin Laden. Management of the State Department during which time we saw a 50 percent increase in exports to China, aggressive work on climate particularly at Copenhagenand the effort to create and implement the toughest sanctions ever on Iran—helping to lead us to the agreement currently on the table.

Hillary Clinton was the principal author of the sanction on Iran that brought them to the table.

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American foreign policy was stronger when Hillary Clinton left the State Department than when she arrived. Her accomplishments extend to health care, as well.

As a Senator, she worked across the aisle to provide full military health benefits to reservists and National Guard members.

Distinguished colleagues

Secretary Clinton was also an outspoken champion for women around the world. She set records for travel while leading the State Department and used every trip to empower the women of the countries she visited.

She made gender equality a priority of U. After universal health care failed inthe Clinton Administration was reluctant to go anywhere near healthcare again—Democrats lost the Senate and the House inand losing the house was for the first time in 40 years. She has other accomplishments but this one made a huge difference, and came at a time when politically the Administration was cutting deals with Newt Gingrich on the budget and not necessarily all that enthusiastic about revisiting health care.

This obviously isn't her only accomplishment but it is meaningful because she took a political battering after the failure in but came back to fight again, and was able to work on a bipartisan basis during a very polarized time to get this done.

Senator for New York, Democratic party. Hillary Clinton is one of the most accomplished people ever to run for the Presidency. She fought tooth and nail to protect the first responders who rushed into danger when the towers collapsed and was pivotal in the passage of legislation that helped those first responders who got sick get the care and treatment they deserved.Former senator Jim Webb declined Tuesday to accept an award as a distinguished graduate of the U.S.

Naval Academy, citing pressure from a “small but vociferous group” of female alumni who are. A community of colleagues. This month, Dr.

Skorton applauds some of our colleagues’ recent accomplishments. All of you make the Smithsonian the great Institution that it is and I am very proud and grateful to be your colleague.

Distinguished colleagues

Distinguished Academies and Societies. The Fulbright Distinguished Chair Awards comprise approximately forty distinguished lecturing, distinguished research and distinguished lecturing/research awards ranging from three to 12 months. Fulbright Distinguished Chair Awards are viewed as among the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Candidates .

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GFOA Releases Remote Sales Tax Resource. Earlier this month, GFOA released a new resource on the issue of remote sales tax. The report Bringing Sales Tax into the 21st Century provides a broad overview of why sales taxes are important to state and local governments, what the current landscape of sales tax administration looks like, and why is proving to be a landmark year for the issue.

Stonebridge Companies is one of the nation’s leading ownership, management and hospitality development companies. Our current portfolio consists of over 45 hotels with 7,+ rooms nationwide. Rutgers Physics News Chemistry Professor and member of our Graduate Faculty Wilma Olson has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society by the Division of Biological Physics.

The citation for Wilma reads: "For seminal contributions to understanding nucleic acid structure, properties, and interactions, for leadership in developing important computational methods used to analyze.

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