Computer effects on the academic performance of students essay

Updated by Kate Barrington Bullying is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in modern public schools but how exactly does it affect a child's academic performance?

Computer effects on the academic performance of students essay

Computer effects on the academic performance of students essay

For the development of a society, it becomes necessary to provide quality education to its people. This study is being conducted to dig out the factors which are important for the effective learning of students and enhance the quality of education. In this study, a questionnaire was used for data collection and its reliability was assessed by Cronbach Alpha.

For the purpose of data analysis, the descriptive and inferential measures Stepwise Multiple regression model are used. The indicators regularity and punctuality of teachers and graduation marks of the students are found to be significant by both techniques.

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Thus, without any hesitation, it can be concluded that these two indicators play an important role in enhancing the academic performance of students' performance. Since academic achievement is influenced by variables such as motivational orientations and learning strategies, the study of these variables is of great importance.

The aim of this research was studying the relationship between motivational orientations, learning strategies and The study examined the relationship between the big-five model of personality and the use of self-regulated learning strategies.

Measures of self-regulated learning strategies and big-five personality traits were administered to a sample of undergraduate students. If this hearing loss is not detected, the school performance of these children can be affected.

Computer effects on the academic performance of students essay

In the present study we found Meta-cognition refers to awareness and monitoring of one's thoughts and performance, or simply, thinking about thinking which is an important factor In this study, self-regulation ability is conceptualized by four dimensions: It notes that overt selection exists in 36 of England's local authorities, in form of grammar schools.

A research shows that grammar school students appear to have better With the results of the analyses and factors under consideration, the following factors contribute positively to students' academic performance:the effect by comparing a student’s academic performance before and after turning We find that students’ grades fall below their expected levels upon being able to drink legally, but.

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Free Essay: Effects of computer addiction on the Academic Performance of the students A Research paper Submitted to the Faculty of Education City College of. The academic performance of the student nurses is by the assessment of competence, defined by a student’s ability to demonstrate the performance of professional skills or behaviors.

The Effects of Computer Games to the Academic Performance of the Students Words | 9 Pages Computer addiction is a relatively new term used to describe a dependency on one's computer.

background did not have significance effect on the academic performance of the students. However, the parental educational qualification and health statuses of the students were identified tom have statistical significant effect o the academic performance of the students.

The student’s average in school, alertness and hours of sleep per night were questioned in order to correlate the effects that sleep has on one’s academic performance.

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Computer Effects On The Academic Performance Of Students - Review Essays This study was guided by the following objectives; To examine the relationship between computer usage and academic achievement of HNAUB student, To examine the effectiveness of computer usage in teaching and learning process in university, To identify the disadvantages of computer usage in higher institution. The study employed the survey design; questionnaires in addition to library research were applied in order to collect data.
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