Cirque du soleil 2 essay

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Cirque du soleil 2 essay

Putting together the right workforce to achieve this result is not necessarily an easy feat.

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This paper will explore the recruitment decision-making process for attracting job candidates demand from the available labor force supply. We will write a custom essay sample on Cirque Du Soleil or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Cirque du Soleil CdS is in the same position all other organizations are in — they must be able to attract a sufficient number of prospective employees candidates with the abilities and aptitudes knowledge, skills and abilities needed to achieve its objectives and carry out its core mission and values.

Ensuring an effective selection process starts with the development of an effective recruitment program, finding the right techniques and asking the right questions in order to make the decisions as to where, when and how to recruit.

Sources of recruitment run the gamut, each with their own pros and cons. In addition, it is important to use decision-making criteria when choosing the appropriate recruitment source.

Consideration should be given to hiring internally versus externally, forecasts, timelines for hiring, the types of position s needed, cost of the different recruitment methods, and the ability to interview and extend job offers on the spot. This is a relatively inexpensive option, can produce quick results, and is convenient for job-seekers.

Soft skills, otherwise known as personal attributes, cannot be easily identified, resulting in potential candidates being screened out of the process too early. What better place to look for athletic talent than at sporting events? This is certainly a great tool for building a pool of candidates for future opportunities, but would not serve well for immediate needs.

In addition, CdS is an organization of over employees based on data12 to 20 auditions each year may not create a sufficient pool, hence the need for diverse options to be included in the recruitment toolbox.

However, the two largest drawbacks to this option are the high cost of hiring an employment agency to find the talent and finding an agency that specializes in recruiting artists of this nature. These events, held around the world, attract a large number of candidates at any given time, allowing recruiters to meet with potential future employees providing the recruiter with an opportunity to see what the artist has to offer CdS.

Although job fairs reach many candidates at one time, it involves an extraordinary amount of staff time and resources, as well as a significant cost investment for the venue.

Employee referrals are generally inexpensive and usually produce quick results. In the typical business world college recruiting is the norm. CdS, instead, can turn to performing arts youth circus schools around the globe such as the one in Highland Park, Minnesota, Circus Juventas where children and youth ages 3 — 21 train and perform in circus arts Circus Juventas, The benefit of this type of recruiting is that it is inexpensive and provides an opportunity for a recruiter to witness the skill of many potential candidates by simply watching a performance.

The drawback is the age of the youth who may not necessarily be able or willing to hire on with CdS until well into the future. To reduce the cost of recruitment and training, internal candidates are an excellent source when openings arise.

However, when internal candidates are not deemed to be the best qualified, external candidates should be considered.

Although many external recruitment techniques reach many candidates at once, it may involve a significant amount of staff time and resources.

Forecasting for human capital starts long before recruitment begins. Understanding labor supply and labor demand is a crucial first step to designing a recruitment plan.

Cirque du soleil 2 essay

Taking this into consideration will ensure CdS has enough individuals in the candidate pool for proper selection and placement to take place.

Recruitment can be thought of like a circle, there is no beginning and there is no end, rather it is a continuous process. Any good recruitment plan will have recruitment activities outlined for both short-notice needs and long-term strategic planning initiatives.

For example, when an immediate need occurs, such as the case when CdS was dealing with a high percentage of staff injuries, referrals from current and former employees may be a terrific, quick, and inexpensive resource. However, when time is on their side, Olympic Games and job fairs are strategies to deploy when looking ahead to future shows.

Decisions as to where to recruit will be made based upon the type of position needed. Office setting versus performing artist will require different tactics.

Typically a recruiter will not use a sporting event to look for an office support position and vice-a-versa a recruiter would not typically look at a business college for a performance artist. Positions that require extensive travel may require a different approach altogether, ensuring candidates referred understand the rigors of the road.

Even extending a contingent job offer, pending background, reference, physical information etc, can have its drawbacks. Conclusion The ability to effectively recruit requires a commitment not only on the part of CdS leadership, but of each employee, regardless of role in the organization, whether an individual is a manager or supervisor.The latest news in entertainment, pop culture, celebrity gossip, movies, music, books and tv reviews.

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6 But let. What was the level of IT alignment at Cirque du Soleil in ? We will write a custom essay sample on Cirque Du Soleil specifically for you for only $ $/page. of the support provided by IT at Cirque du Soleil?

Cirque had reached the rationalized data architecture stage of Ross’ IT architecture evolution. To achieve this.

Cirque du soleil 2 essay

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