Booklet about safeguarding which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care

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Booklet about safeguarding which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care

In addition to this, Kacey-Marie Harrison and Mrs Fisher, LRC Manager, have been hard at work developing their ideas to support victims of bullying, and alternative ways to report incidences of bullying in the Academy.

Booklet about safeguarding which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care

They also came up with the following anti-bullying slogans which have been used on social media and will continue to be used across the new publications and boards as they are produced. You can find our updated policy on the Academy website here. As ambassadors we are here to listen, support, advise, challenge and fight for the rights of those who identify as LGBTQ to be able to have the same life chances and experiences as everyone else…so please come and talk to us whenever you need to and remember to take a look at the new LGBTQ publications in the LRC.

Preparations for September This week saw the last of our Year 6 interviews where we handed out information and were quizzed by the new Year 7 students.

It was lovely to see so many parents, carers and new students in the Academy and I was incredibly proud of the Year 10 students who helped out on the evenings; they were mature, hard-working and certainly made sure Mr Care had plenty of biscuits!

Miss Gibbs and Mr Ibbertson also held a uniform information evening and I thought it might be helpful to share with you some of the information that they distributed to people who attended: What has not changed?

There are no changes to the requirement for students to wear badged blazers and ties, and to wear the Academy PE kit, and there are no changes to the badging on these items. The requirement for plain shirts, blouses, and shoes is also unchanged. In line with improving expectations in the Accord Academy Trust we are now introducing a requirement that skirts and trousers display the Academy logo.

Booklet about safeguarding which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care

Why have we done this? This has been one area where uniform expectations have not been consistently applied by some students. Students at the other secondary academy in the Accord Trust already wear badged skirts and we are looking to apply the same high standards.

Our uniform is non-gender specific and our uniform policy does not discriminate in any way against any student.

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The logo will therefore apply to skirts and trousers. What assistance can we give? The uniform requirement applies to all students at Horbury Academy regardless of year group. We recognise that this can be an additional cost to families, and we have already spoken with several parents.

Identifying abuse

Whilst we cannot waive the uniform requirement, and we cannot fully fund the uniform for all students, we would like to offer the following support for the coming year: Please contact Mark Ibbertson the Academy Business Manager for more information about any of these points, by emailing mibbertson horburyacademy.

Review of Pastoral Support at Horbury Academy Mr Brook and the Senior Leadership team are also looking at some potential changes to our pastoral system which may come into effect from September This would involve us changing from having teachers as our Heads of Year to the creation of a new non-teaching role of Pastoral Year Leader, with one colleague allocated to work with each year group.

We believe this change will enable us to support our students more effectively during their time at Horbury Academy. Once any final decision has been taken we will update parents, carers and students again. In the meantime, there are no changes to our current pastoral system and our Form Tutors and Heads of Year continue to work with their allocated Forms and Year Groups.

Students visited the Academy for an introduction to the project and left with a booklet to complete with their teacher over a series of lessons that we have created.

The event was a success and the students were a credit to their schools! Their goal is to provide year olds in West Yorkshire with an opportunity to learn about the proper and legal use of their computing skills and to put their knowledge to the test to compete for a place at a live final hosted by a number of leading industry experts.

All those taking part will be eligible to attend a Careers Event later in the year, attended by some of the biggest and best IT companies looking to advise and nurture their next generation of talent.

Find the challenge, along with more information, at www.Assignment Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Tasks Task A Booklet Create a booklet about safeguarding, which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care profession.

Safeguarding adults Some adults aged eighteen and over due to age, disability, illness or lifestyle may not be able to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation.

Every day, abuse of adults at risk goes unreported.

Tools social workers can use to talk to children | Community Care

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