As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

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As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

A digital portfolio is an onscreen way to showcase your achievements to potential employers or when applying for a course. It is all about: The projects you have created and developed Your use of communication and presentation skills Your capabilities and potential.

Digital portfolios can be viewed by anyone with a computer and an internet browser.

As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

You will learn how to create a digital portfolio that includes a series of web pages with links to content that you have created. You will learn how to make use of multimedia assets such as images, sound and video to make your portfolio appealing and engaging.

For this unit, your digital portfolio will have a clear purpose and audience to show them who you are and what you are capable of. It should have a structure that is logical and easy to navigate and must be in a format that can be uploaded and viewed on the web.

You should think of your portfolio as a shop window, carefully selecting a range of content including work done on this BTEC course as well as any other appropriate content. Every item should be clearly introduced, explaining why it is included and what it demonstrates to the viewer.

Click here to view examples of a variety of digital portfolios. As part of the application process, the company wants to see examples of the products you have made and the projects you have completed.

Design a digital portfolio to go alongside your application, which includes at least two products or projects you have worked on. The content of your portfolio should show a range of your IT skills and experience, and be related to the course you are applying to. In your portfolio, specify audience and purpose.

Include a timeline, structure chart, storyboards and details of assets required. Justify the choice of assets and the design of the portfolio in relation to the audience and purpose. To view the specification click here Access to folder dividers can be found here Section A: D1 Ai Audience and Purpose What is the audience and purpose for your digital portfolio?

Think about and answer the following: Purpose of the digital portfolio Target audience of the digital portfolio Things that will be included in your digital portfolio Use this template to organise your thoughts regarding Audience and Purpose Aii Project Timeline You need to create a timeline that shows how long each task is going to take for your digital portfolio.

Use this template here to plan the timescale for this project: Aiii Storyboard Design and create a detailed storyboard to show the layout and content of your digital portfolio.

Your portfolio will be at least 8 pages. Your storyboard must be detailed in order to achieve the M1 mark associated with it.

This means that you will need to annotate and explain parts of your storyboard see the example here to help. Use a print based software of your choice to layout how each of your pages will look.

Use the example here to help.

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Aiv Site-map Complete the template to produce a detailed site-map for your digital portfolio Have a look at this example to help. Av Alternative Designs Complete 2 alternative designs for the layout of your digital portfolio.

You only need to redesign the home page. You must annotate your alternative designs to explain how they could meet the needs of the audience and purpose. Avi Justifying your Design.

In a Word document, justify why you have chosen your final design and explain how it will: Meet the needs of the target audience?

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The navigation will aid user interaction? Ensure you explain why the alternative design were rejected.OCR Applied ICT G Unit 3 ICT Solutions for SoW5/5(1).

Essay about As Unit 3 G Ict Solutions for Individuals and Society Task B – Unit 3 Write a report on the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society [7 marks] – Approx. words |B1. Sep 26,  · AS Unit 1 Title: G Using ICT to Communicate – moderated coursework AS Unit 2 Title: G ICT solutions for individuals and society – moderated coursework AS Unit 3 Title: G How organisations use ICT ‐ external assessment.

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Task B – Unit 3 Write a report on the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society [7 marks] – Approx. words. An expert system is an ICT system that uses artificial intelligence to make decisions based on data supplied in the form of answers to questions. This means that the system is able to respond in the way that a human expert in the field would come to a conclusion.

Welcome to RGS ICT. Presentation Software Unit E File storage Creating Digital Graphics Tutorials.

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IT User Fundamentals. Unit 1 The Online World. Unit 13 Website Development. Unit 3 A Digital Portfolio. Unit 6 Creating Digital Graphics Produce detailed designs for a digital portfolio, including: alternative solutions, detailed.

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