An introduction to the association between raves and drugs

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An introduction to the association between raves and drugs

Merck tinkered with the drug on and off during the decades following its discovery. The reports were declassified in and university students and professors began experimenting with the drug. InAlexander Shulgin of the University of California in Berkeley, synthesized the drug and tried it himself.

He was intrigued with its effects and once reported that while on the drug, the mountains near his home were so beautiful he could not stand looking at them. In latehe published a report explaining the drugs effects on people. From there it spread to major clubs across the country and in it was added to the DEA Schedule I drug list.

How MDMA is made In the root bark or fruit of sassafras plants is a slightly black oil called safrole. Synthetic manufacturing methods are used to convert the safrole to MDMA. Relatively small amounts of safrole are required to create large amounts of ecstasy pills.

Sassafras oil is a byproduct of camphor production which is common processed in Asia or Brazil. Roots of Sassafras can be steeped to make tea and as a flavoring for root bear.

Raves: a review of the culture, the drugs and the prevention of harm [CMAJ - June 27, ]

The FDA banned the practice when it was discovered that permanent liver damage and various types of cancer result. Advertisements What is looks like Since ecstasy is targeted to children and young adults, the pills often come in pastel colors with various logos pasted on the pill casing.

The logos, which often dictate the name the pill goes by, include Christmas trees, shamrocks, nike symbol, blue dolphin, red dolphin, playboy bunny, and many more. How it is taken Ecstasy almost always comes in pill form although it can be snorted or injected.

An introduction to the association between raves and drugs

It typically comes in capsule form or pressed pill form. It reached maximum concentration in the blood stream within 1 to 3 hours after ingestion. Levels decrease to half their concentration within 8 hours. Even after effects are gone the drug remains in the system for 24 hours or more meaning if additional ecstasy is taken, the concentrations in the blood stream grow much higher than the user would expect.


The effects the user feels Users generally report the beginning of effects within 30 to 60 minutes of taking the drug. The peak is reached within 2 hours and lasts about 2 to 3 hours followed by a crash that lasts about 3 hours. It is common to stack the drug or continue taking pills when the high wears off.

The practice of taking ecstasy to endure all night or two or three day rave parties is common in the United States and Europe. Many people use MDMA primarily for this effect, reporting that it makes potentially awkward or uncomfortable social situations singles bars, dance clubs, etc.

MDMA users will be seen running their hands over textured objects or eating and drinking various foods and drinks to experience their enhanced flavor. The effects the user feels may be summarized as the following:Raves and Club Drugs raves and MDMA. This s version of the s youth subculture blended various idealized themes—peace, love, unity, respect, and harmony—giving rise to the term, “feeling PLURHY.”.

INTRODUCTION The “rave” phenomenon—a culture of loud music, flashing lights, and frenzied of club drugs among rave attendees in Tampa, Florida. Their research focused empirical evidence has supported an association between excessive alcohol (n.

2. and. Recent (. Epidemiology of MDMA and Associated Club of the reported association between rave music and club drug use (Forsyth, Barnard, and Quantitative Measures of association between drug use, STD.

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In some instances, a person featured in the news story may have consumed a drug at a rave or have purchased drugs at a rave, but often the connection is not so concrete, but more one along the lines of Ecstasy being called a "rave drug" or "dance drug," and this connotative association being presented in such a way that the viewer or reader of the .

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