An essay on muslims and the religion of islam

If the evil carnage we witnessed on Sept. Fortunately, this is not the case. When the Prophet Muhammad brought the inspired scripture known as the Koran to the Arabs in the early 7th century A. Pre-Islamic Arabia was caught up in a vicious cycle of warfare, in which tribe fought tribe in a pattern of vendetta and countervendetta.

An essay on muslims and the religion of islam

Catholicism and Islam Buy custom Catholicism and Islam essay Today, a phenomenon of religious diversity has become a universally recognized fact; there are approximately 10, distinct religions in the world Encyclopaedia Britannica, Trends of globalization have greatly influenced mono-religious societies creating communities with different religions.

However, each religion is striving to preserve its uniqueness professing the particular spiritual traditions, articles of faith, ethical, cultural, political, social, economic, and behavioral patterns.

The distinctive characteristics of every religion are benevolence and love acting in the form of beliefs in God. Comparative studies of religions should consider their historical background, doctrines, specificity of origin, sociocultural sources, interactions with social, political, and economic institutions, national peculiarities and mentality of the believers as well as other factors contributing to the development of religious identity.

The differences in environmental conditions, cultural characteristics, political development, national diversity, and historical circumstances predetermined the differences in Islam and Roman Catholicism.

Encompassing the multifaceted sets of specific creeds, dogmas, rituals, and injunctions for religious practices, Islam and Catholicism are among the most influential and widely disseminated faiths in the world. Despite differences in their doctrines, both religions affirm a possibility of finding salvation and eternity.

Today, Roman Catholicism is one of the main directions in Christianity, along with Orthodoxy and Protestantism. The Roman Catholics are over a number of all other Christians combined globally including more than one billion believers Encyclopaedia Britannica, Every religion is always associated with its identity development — i.

The identity of development is a durable process; numerous factors make impacts on it. Then, Christianity was in the center of all sociocultural processes subordinating and supervising all institutions of the medieval society. It penetrated all spheres of life and influenced all hierarchical systems of European countries in the Middle Ages.

Medieval inquisitional persecutions, repressive measures against heretics, and the compulsory conversion to Christianity are perceived as the violation of human rights today.

However, such specific features of Roman Catholicism as the papacy, diocesan organization of the Catholic Church, dogmatic heritage, theological grounds, etc. Roman Catholic doctrine is based on the Bible Old and New Testamentthe magisterium, decrees of ecumenical councils, papal encyclicals, and works of outstanding theologians, scholars and philosophers.

It identifies Catholic religious traditions, relations between the church and the state, Christian dogmas, church hierarchy, and liturgy.

The classical Christian dogmas of the Trinity and Jesus Christ based on Scripture and the Nicene Creed were systematized and propagated by scholars and theological spokesmen such as Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome, and Gregory in the fourth — sixth centuries having obtained their new specific vocabulary and symbols Fiero,p.

The essence of Roman Catholic doctrine is comprised of the seven sacraments including baptism, extreme unction, confirmation, Eucharist, matrimony, penance, and holy orders as the channels of divine grace Encyclopaedia Britannica, ; Flinn, The development of Islam occurred under the influence of Christianity and the Middle Eastern religious cults such as Zoroastrianism and Judaism.

Like Roman Catholicism, Islam propagates its right to be a unique and exclusively fair way to Allah.

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This fundamental source of Islamic teaching includes chapters suras. The role of Islam as a religious doctrine and a form of social organization has always differed from the role of Catholicism in European countries in particular and throughout the world in general.

Problems of social and economic justice and fair distribution of incomes are an integral part of moral philosophy in Islam. Spiritual and secular powers are seamless in Islam.

Although Islam is generally perceived as the Arabic religion, Muslims differ in their nationalities and origins to a great extent. While Islam remains the most popular religion in the countries of the Middle East today, its branches are found throughout the world.

Estimates of Muslims worldwide vary significantly depending on the way Islam adherence is defined.

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Muslims speak different languages and observe different customs, culture, and traditions. They essentially differ from each other, and the Muslim doctrine in the various countries and regions is frequently influenced and, thus, modified by specific national beliefs and traditions.There are billion Muslims in the world, and Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion.

If the evil carnage we witnessed on Sept.

An essay on muslims and the religion of islam

11 were typical of the faith, and Islam truly inspired and justified such violence, its growth and the increasing presence of Muslims in both Europe and the U.S. would be a terrifying prospect. Included: islam essay content.

Preview text: Islam is a religion that is still very much alive today.

An essay on muslims and the religion of islam

A man named Mohammed offered Arabs the religion of Islam. Mohammed was born in about A.D. in Mecca. He became known for honesty and good business sense when he was a teenager. He married a.

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Read this Religion Essay and over 88, other research documents. Islamic Religion. Islam has been characterized inequitably by historians and the media as a religion of /5(1). Those who claim Islam is an inherently violent religion ignore the overwhelming majority of adherents to the faith — there are more than billion Muslims worldwide — who live peacefully.

| The Religion Islam | The Religion Islam What is Islam? The word Islam means submission to the will of God. The religion of Islam is the acceptance of and obedience to the teachings of God which the Muslims—followers of Islam—believe God revealed to his last prophet. Muslims believe that there is .

Since the 9/11 attacks, many Americans have labeled Muslims in the United States as a threat to our country due to the fact that they share their religion with the extremists responsible for .

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